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Crystal Colors

Talk about sparkle! These beautiful lead-free Swarovski crystals really catch the light! Oh how we wish their pictures showed how they sparkle and shine like they do in person. Especially the Vegas gold - this crystal really looks like beautiful gold! And if you're looking for a school bow with a little pizzazz, check out our Navy crystals!

Austrian crystals like these are in a class of their own and outshine ordinary glass or acrylic rhinestones by far. Custom design a crystal bow using our Build-a-Bow feature or click here to choose from some of our popular color combinations. How about adding crystal highlights to a hand painted bow? Click here to customize one of our hand painted designs or to create a one-of-a-kind look!

black crystal .jpg20161028033834 crystal AB 2.jpg20161028033851 emerald crystal.jpg20161028033903 fuchsia crystal.jpg20161028033917 lavender crystal.jpg20161028033931 lime crystal.jpg20161028033953 orange crystal.jpg20161028034014 purple crystal.jpg20161028034031 red crystal.jpg20161028034048 rose crystal.jpg20161028034104 royal crystal.jpg20161028034128 teal crystal.jpg20161028034151 yellow crystal.jpg20161028034213 navy crystal.jpg20210302035322 Sky blue crystal (1).jpg20210302035341 Vegas Gold crystal.jpg20210302035401