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Addictively Unique Boutique Hair Bows

Two Sisters Bows was established in 2003 to end the goose chase of finding the perfect custom boutique bow for hard-to-match outfits. As our bows are guaranteed*, they're designed to be unique pieces of hand painted artwork, passed down to little sisters, cousins or friends and treasured as keepsakes. We love that you're here and can't wait to see what you choose and/or customize for your little princess!

*** Please note that our hand painted and crystal bows ARE NOT ready-to-ship. Each bow is hand made to order because of various customization possibilities, such as bow size(s), ribbon color(s), additional ribbon(s) crystal color(s), personalization, artwork, etc. Our prices are determined by bow size and additional ribbon/artwork/crystals. Please review our guarantee and Policies - Shipping & Turnaround Times for more information. ***

Each bow is unique and special...because your little girl is too.

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