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Build-a-Bow: Hand Painted Hair Bows

Let's get started with building a custom hand painted Two Sisters Bow! The possibilities are endless! Our easy build-a-bow feature allows you to customize a hand painted bow to match just about anything. We can start with a bow you've seen on our website or social media. Or we can start from scratch and match an outfit, her uniform/school colors or favorite theme. To begin, let's choose the basics: bow size, barrette type, ribbon/knot colors. Next you'll be asked to describe exactly what you want painted on the bow and where. (Too confusing? No worries! Just send us an email with what you have in mind and we'll talk about it! Click here to get in touch with us!).

Be sure to review your steps in the shopping cart, double check your choices and...voila! You just built-a-bow! Enjoy!