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About Us

what we do...

Two Sisters Bows specializes in hand made hair bows for little girls of all ages. Our "perky" hair bows have a creative twist that sets them apart from manufactured styles. Mixed with endless color and pattern combinations, our hair accessories reflect individual style, personality and creativity.

our business history...

After frustrating attempts at finding the perfect, durable hair accessories for her two young girls, our owner founded Two Sisters Bows in 2003 to end the goose chase once and for all. She created an "open loop" hair bow that actually perches on the head instead of lying flat and withstands the accidental 'stuffing into a dresser drawer.' Growing more and more popular in local circles, she began to take orders for her bows instead of friends buying the bows off of her daughters' heads at preschool! Soon she was selling bows wholesale to local children's boutiques and specialty shops and eventually her own children's boutique in Baton Rouge, LA. Now, Two Sisters Bows is marketed through sales representatives in the Dallas Market Center, in over 70 specialty shops throughout the country and online. For a list of our retailers, click here.

what makes us unique...

We believe in using top quality ribbon that is Made in the USA. We also believe it's essential for our customers to have the choices they want along with the quality they expect. Each of our bows are individually hand made, painted and stoned with genuine Austrian crystals - to order.

And because of the unique way our bows are tied, their perkiness stands up well to being crammed in dresser drawers, smashed in backpacks, sat on in carseats and taking dips in the pool. What our bows don't like is extreme weather (like being left in a hot car in the summer or overnight in the frigid winter). Hot glue likes to change one time, not reheated or cooled over and over. That's what makes barrettes come off any bow. As for washing, keep it cool. They love to take a cold water dip with a little love and some stain remover like "Shout", or mild detergent like "Woolight". Not fans of dishwashers or washing machines. Just too much friction. And they'd rather get dizzy from your little girl twirling than from the spin cycle. 

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