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Build-a-Bow: Monogrammed Bows

We LOVE monogramming too! So let's add her initial(s), name, school letters, or short phrase to her bows! Our easy build-a-bow feature allows you to customize an embroidered bow to match an outfit, uniform, school colors, favorite color combos or theme.

Start with choosing your bow size and barrette type. Remember, the smaller the bow, the smaller the area we have to embroider. For example, the overlay (top) ribbon on a Medium Double Staggered Width measures only 7/8" across...that's less than an inch. If you can't write her initial(s)/name easily in that amount of space, then it probably won't look like you want it to when it's embroidered. Traditionally, 1-3 initials is the most popular choice for monogrammed bows.

Next choose your ribbon color (overlay and bottom ribbon), knot color and thread color(s) for the embroidery. Then describe exactly what you want embroidered/monogrammed on her bow in the steps to follow. Your embroidery will appear on the top left loop of the bow unless you request the top right loop in your comments. Adding embroidery to the right loop too is optional and available in the steps. (Too confusing? No worries! Just send us an email with what you have in mind and we'll talk about it! Click here to get in touch with us!).

Be sure to review your steps in the shopping cart, double check your choices and...voila! You just built-a-bow! Enjoy!