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Bow Size

Whether you want an initial(s), a name, a couple of words or short phrase on a loop, our prices to embroider or monogram a bow are all the same. This cuts down on a lot of confusion and speeds up getting the bow to you faster! Basically, the size of the bow, whether it's a single or double ribbon and if you want both loops embroidered, determines its price...simple as that.  :) Remember, with the price of your monogrammed bow, you receive embroidery on the top left loop. If you'd rather have your embroidery on the right instead of the left loop, just note that in the Special Instructions Step. If you want embroidery on both top loops, see Step 10. For examples of monogrammed bows, Click here.

For the first step in building your monogrammed bow, let's decide what size bow you'd like to build. Not sure about sizing? Click here for our bow measurements and sizing tips.

Choose your Bow Size: